Collier Youth Connections are events, happenings & outings for youth and young adults.  Come and get better connected with others in our church family!




(Caring, Helping, and Other Stuff) is for grades 5-7 from 6:30-8:00 pm on most Wednesdays. Join us for a fun and faith-filled time of being a community within the church community. Parents!!! For safety reasons please make sure your child is registered with emergency contact information when you drop them off.

If you’re interested in participating in our youth group, please contact Lisa Naumann at the church 705-726-1511 or













VELOCITY (odd Friday evenings) high school age group.

  • Kick off = Friday September 25th Tree Top Treckking
  • Friday October 09 = Gnome’s amazing race
  • Friday October 23 = pumpkin carving
  • Friday November 6th = Sleepover at the church
  • Friday November 20th = Retro planet (lazer tag)
  • Friday December 04th = Christmas Party