collier's Kids

collier's kids

Noah's ark (ages 0-2)

We offer wonderful care for the youngest members of our church family. They get to stay in a beautiful room with lots of toys, table, chairs and play pens.  They are supervised by a team of volunteers who are parents, grandparents, teens and other adults.  Children are welcomed by volunteers 15 minutes prior to worship.  All children must be signed-in & signed-out by parent(s) or guardians.  Our Co-ordinator always welcomes new volunteers to add to our wonderful teams which are scheduled for one Sunday each month.

the rock (ages 3-5)

We offer a friendly and Godly place for our little ones to play and learn.  In September of each year, children who are 3 years of age, or will be 3 before the end of December and who are toilet trained, are encouraged to move into the Rock. The Nursery is still available if they are not quite ready for a more planned program of story, activities and feast.  We normally have at least two leaders for each week. This class meets in the M5 for sign-in before the service.  All children must be “signed-in” – there are two options:

  • Sign-in before worship and indicate that your child will accompany you for the first part of the Worship Service. After the Children’s Time they will go to their class. It is a good idea that you ensure your youngest children are escorted to their classes.
  • Sign-in 15 minutes before worship and leave your child in the care of the leader or helper until the other children come out of the sanctuary. 

Children must also be signed-out by a parent/adult.

Daniel's den (ages 6-9)

We rejoice in having children ages 6-9 sharing in a time of learning and play.  These children attend the first part of the worship service. This group then gathers in M5 for a story, activities including art, writing, drama, board games, puzzles, active games, songs, or even baking, a feast and closing blessing.   An offering is collected before the blessing.  The learning takes place in a circle.   We have regular Leaders scheduled for this group for each Sunday, a story teller and a doorkeeper.  We welcome other helpers including parents.

the well (ages 10-16)

We are excited to share time and space with our intermediate and teenagers (10-16) in a time of love and learnings.  This group meets with volunteers after the first part of worship and gathers in M4 for a time of discussion, learning, laughter, activities and more!!  We use technology in the program.

program volunteers

We have Program Volunteers for each of the age levels:  Noah’s Ark (0-2), The Rock (3-5), Daniel’s Den (6-9) and The Well (10-16).  All children must be registered to be a regular member of the Sunday Children’s Program. Forms are available for registration and completed registration Forms can be picked up and left at the Reception Desk, or with a class leader.  Visitor Registration Forms are required for Noah’s Ark only.