“DARE TO DREAM” Conversation

In the Church Hall – This Sunday May 06, 2018


Don’t miss the opportunity to share your thoughts and dreams on Collier’s Mission Priorities for 2018 to 2023!


Mission Priorities Worksheet – May 06, 2018


On April 14th, the Official Board held a one day retreat to continue the work on some of the themes that came out of the two surveys done in the congregation in the last year.

The retreat looked at the big picture of what dream we have for Collier and where we think God is calling us to intentionally use our gifts in the congregation and community.

The Board dreamed 4 mission priorities for the next 5 years (2018-2023).

We share them with you as guidelines for your table conversation.


Mission Priority 1:       Small Groups and Connecting

Objective:         We will encourage and equip individuals and groups to share in the leadership of the Church as we gather in small groups, for prayer, study, fellowship, food, and fun.

  1. We long for a vibrant small-group ministry at Collier that
  • Empowers leaders and gives life to participants;
  • Offers diverse opportunities (various times, places, topics and formats) for building community, attracting participation of most members of our church family; and
  • Supports us in deepening our relationships of love with God and one another.


  1. We long for opportunities for congregation-wide gatherings that
  • Help build community and make and strengthen relationships;
  • Allow us to focus on topics and projects of interest to many; and
  • Promote a joyful identity for and of Collier.


  1. We long for opportunities to build connections with other Barrie United Churches to
  • Explore possibilities for sharing resources; and
  • Begin partnerships that strengthen our congregations and community outreach.


To this end, we may explore Presbytery funded/supported opportunities for bringing other churches together for conversation.

Mission Priority 2:       Being Welcoming and Inclusive

Objective:        We are committed to warm and friendly welcome of God’s people.   We are committed to making sure no one is excluded because of race, gender, orientation, ability, social and or political status.


  1. We want Collier to be a community that welcomes and affirms all people
  • Regardless of age, sex or gender, social status, giftedness or ability, sexual orientation or lifestyle

Because God loves all people


  1. We want Collier to
  • Have intentional conversations about inclusion;
  • Share fellowship with and around food;
  • Intentionally welcome visitors and newcomers to our church; and
  • Provide support and mentorship to present and future leaders.
  1. We want Collier to


  • Support and encourage members to discover and use their unique gifts;
  • Make good decisions, support those decisions and follow-through; and
  • Establish a renewal and growth committee.


Mission Priority 3:       Community and Outreach

Objective:        We will intentionally care for and nurture God’s people in our community.


  1. We want Collier to be a church that:
  • Identifies the needs and hopes of the outside community and finds possible ways to mesh them with Collier needs;
  • Shares God’s love with others in a non- threatening way, delivering the message that we are followers of Jesus Christ; and
  • Is inclusive with area residents – downtown centred (the actual location of our church and the place we serve).


  1. We want Collier to
  • Use an electronic signage;
  • Liaise with Busby, Salvation Army, Rosie Rometa, etc.
  • Encourage outreach volunteering;
  • Utilize social media and advertisers;
  • Engage in Seniors Outreach
  • Hold more church community events (church suppers, cards.)


Mission Priority 4:       Ways of Worship

Objective:        We will give praise and glory to God through various styles of worship to celebrate God’s love in the world daily.

  1. We want Collier to be a vibrant worship community that:
  • Stays Christ-centred;
  • Expands and diversifies worship styles;
  • Integrates contemporary elements into Collier’s worship; and
  • Provides alternatives to Sunday worship time;


  1. We want Collier to
  • Initiate a contemporary worship service;
  • Expand congregational participation in all aspects of the worship service;
  • Diversify music options; and
  • Expand venues for worship and fellowship (nature settings, parks).