To Donate please email Laurie Crosson or call 705-722-2003.

Exciting Update!

Work has started on the Steeple and Bell Tower! Yorkton Contracting has been making repairs to the Bell Tower and measuring for our special shingles, getting ready for spring installation.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is to reverse the decay and deterioration that time has brought and restore our Church’s beauty, dignity, and strength, without and within. Our vision is to restore our gathering places. Our vision is to replace all that is cracked and crumbling, physically and spiritually, so that a fresh vitality infuses our worship and our spirits. Our vision is to preserve this historic church for mission and ministry for years to come. Our vision, in short, is to be good stewards of this house of worship which God has placed in our hands.

Campaign Overview

This initiative will roll out over a five year period. The yearly target of $200,000 will allow our congregation to facilitate the following projects:

  • Capital Repairs
  • Children, Youth and Adult Ministries Support
  • AV Technology
  • Organ Fund

Every member of our congregation is invited to visit with one or more of our volunteers, to present the plan, identifying our opportunities and asking to consider a gift commitment.

Please reach out to our committee:

Jean Cooke 705-725-3642
Laurie Crosson 705-722-2003
Stephen Manuel 416-456-1093‬
Donna Martin 705-730-1111
Phil Neale 705-737-3350
Marg Valad 705-726-4673
Brian Young 705-790-0677

Year Campaign $ Goal Pledges Rec’d To Date $ Pledges To Meet Goal $ Received To Date
Year 1


$200,000.00 $80,545.00 $119,124.00 $51,948.68
Year 2


$200,000.00 $80,545.00 $119,124.00 $51,948.68
Year 3


$200,000.00 $80,545.00 $119,124.00 $51,948.68
Year 4


$200,000.00 $80,545.00 $119,124.00 $51,948.68
Year 5


$200,000.00 $80,545.00 $119,124.00 $51,948.68
Total $1,000,000.00 $402,725.00 $597,275.00 $259,743.41