other programs

collier's table

In the Christian tradition, table is a place where all are equal, all are welcome and where there is enough for all.  Over the years, Collier has developed a unique partnership with the David Busby Street Centre that help been in touch with meeting the nutritional needs of the constituents.  The goal of our meals isnt just to provide food and send people on their way but to have deeper table talk with those who come so that the hearts and minds of those involved can be transformed by our intentional relating to each other.   This meal happens twice per year at no cost to the diners.

refugee sponsorship

We have sponsored a family.  We are looking into sponsorship another soon.


Meals on wheels

We provide team of volunteers for the Barrie Red Cross Society Meals on Wheels program.  This program works with the Royal Victoria Hospital to provide nutritious and client specific meals to persons in Barrie and surrounding areas.

Sunday Services at Leisureworld & Simcoe Terrace

Volunteers lead a worship service and provide social time for persons in these homes, twice per month.