“We taste the mystery of God’s great love for us, and are renewed in faith and hope.” (A Song of Faith)

Baptism is one of the two sacraments of the United Church of Canada.

A sacrament is a symbolic action, or ritual, by which people of faith encounter the presence and goodness of God. In a sacrament, ordinary things like water is used to point us to God and God’s love, reminding us of the sacred in life.

In company with the churches of the Reformed and Methodist traditions, we celebrate two sacraments as gifts of Christ: baptism and holy communion. In these sacraments the ordinary things of life —water, bread, wine— point beyond themselves to God and God’s love, teaching us to be alert to the sacred in the midst of life. (A Song of Faith)

Baptism is normally done by pouring, sprinkling or full immersion “dipping” into the water. Collier often practices pouring and sprinkling but full immersion can be arranged with the celebrant/minister.

Baptism by water in the name of the Holy Trinity (Creator, Christ and Holy Spirit) is the means by which we are received, at any age, into the covenanted community of the church. It is the ritual that signifies our rebirth in faith and cleansing by the power of God. Baptism signifies the nurturing, sustaining, and transforming power of God’s love and our grateful response to that grace. (A Song of Faith)

Baptism in the United Church is recognized by all denominations of the Christian church that practice infant baptism. Similarly, if someone has already been baptized in another church at any age, the United Church recognizes their baptism and welcomes them as Christians.



The Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, Eucharist are ways we use to refer to this sacrament – symbolic meal.

Communion is celebrated 4 times for the year at a table, suggesting that the dining table in our homes.   We also have communion in the chapel, the other months when we don’t have it in the sanctuary.  At the communion table, we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the host and all are guests. The meal uses the symbols of small pieces of bread and a taste of wine or juice to remind us of Jesus’ last supper with his followers and of God’s enduring love.

The United Church practises an open table, inviting all who seek to love Jesus to share in this family meal.

In the communion meal, wine poured out and bread broken,
we remember Jesus.
We remember not only the promise but also the price that he paid
for who he was,
for what he did and said,
and for the world’s brokenness.
We taste the mystery of God’s great love for us,
and are renewed in faith and hope. (A Song of Faith)

How do I set up a baptism at Collier Street?

If you are interested in baptism at Collier Street United Church, please contact our church office to inquire about dates available for the ceremony and to arrange a prior meeting with a minister. Call (705) 726-1511 or email