Our Mission Statement

We are here to serve God through our witness to Jesus Christ. It is our purpose to proclaim the Gospel, to teach the truth, to provide a place where friendships can be built through Christian fellowship, to encourage and enable people to grow in their faith and commitment to Jesus Christ, and to help them become the people God would have them be.



Celebrating 180 Years of Service

https://www.luckybridals.comCollier Street continues to be a vibrant and diverse congregation with many active members at all ages and stages of life. Yet, we will need continual renewal in our midst of the zeal for serving God that motivated John Wesley and the early Methodists. They knew rightly that God calls us into existence not to serve ourselves but to reach out beyond our walls and share the good news of Jesus with our community and society, that God’s Kingdom might truly exist in our midst. By grace, God has been at work among the people of this congregation for over 180 years. May such grace continue to be evident at Collier for another 180 years to come. Read more about our history.

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