Music at Collier

Senior Choir

“Why do people sing in choirs?

People sing to touch the hearts of those that listen. They
sing to express their emotions. They sing because music is not just about the words or the harmonies and melodies, its about the meaning and how people interpret all of those things put together. It is inspiring and heart-warming. Its therapy!”

These are thoughts expressed by one of the longstanding members of the Collier Street United Church senior choir. This is a choir made up of vibrant, dedicated individuals who love singing and who care for and support each other, the congregation, and the greater community through the ministry of music. Their intrepid spirit is exemplified by the way they adapted to the COVID-19 restrictions on singing by embracing zoom rehearsals and producing virtual choir performances to enhance online services. (Please see the links to some of our virtual anthems below).

The first line of a song by Paul B. Svenson reads “Oh a song must rise for the spirit to descend….” This is a choir with commitment and energy to raise that song.

If you would like to join your voice with ours, please contact the Music Director at [email protected].

Our Senior Choir meets weekly Thursday nights @ 7:00 pm at Collier Street United Church. We prepare musical numbers for presentation in regular Sunday worship as well as special music for Good Friday and Easter. We prepare a Cantata for the Christmas season, and on Christmas Eve we present a glorious service of lessons and carols.  We warmly welcome new members.

Come sing with us!

Virtual Choir Highlights - 2020/2021

December 20, 2020

Cantata – The Heart of Christmas

February 2, 2021

Virtual Choir – Shout For Joy

March 17, 2021

Virtual Choir – You Shall Go Out With Joy

May 10, 2021

Virtual Choir – My Love Colours Outside the Lines

June 15, 2021

Virtual Choir – Dear Creator of the Sky

June 28, 2021

Virtual Choir – You Raise Me Up

Concert Venue

Many musical artists and groups have benefitted from performing in the beautiful and acoustically exquisite sanctuary at Collier Street United Church. And we all benefit from the music that these artists and groups bring to our Collier and larger community. We continue to cultivate a relationship with the musical community in Barrie and beyond and welcome interest in this venue, as well as musical collaboration. Contact the main office at [email protected] for more information.