Re-Imagine Collier

Our Re-Imagining is important work in the life of Collier and our community so expect to see regular communication highlighting what is currently happening as we progress through our Re-Imagining process. 

Neighbourhood listening is an exercise in getting outside of our church building and looking around with new eyes.  This is about seeing the people in our neighbourhood – both the seen and the unseen, and reflecting on your experience.  As we consider our Re-Imagining, we want to look beyond our church walls and engage with the community.

We have a dedicated Re-Imagining bulletin board located on the main floor at CSUC, across from the reception desk under the stairs.  This will be the place for you to find resources and information on our Re-Imagining process, including:
  • Information from our Hope & Inspiration session with Kendra Fry of Trinity Centres Foundation [TCF] held April 23rd.
  • A paper copy of the TCF report from our Congregational Listening session with Dave Harder held June 11th (also available here on our website).
  • A place where you can share your input to our Re-Imagining Process.

Phase 1 -
Hope and Inspiration

Phase 2 -
Congregational Listening Workshop

Phase 3 –
Neighbourhood Mapping Workshop

Phase 4 –
Final Report

Phase 5 –
Collier Street United votes to explore Re-Imagining of building and property (happening NOW):

The recommendations made within the final report can be obtained from the office. 

With the affirmation of the Shining Waters Regional Council, Collier Street United will partner with Trinity Centres Foundation (TCF) to complete Phase B of finding a suitable developer and community hub partners to recommend to the congregation.

There has been lots of activity on our Re-Imagining Project!

The project began in April with our first congregational workshop; we had a second workshop in June, and then during the summer five neighbourhood listening sessions were held.  Even with all of that activity, it’s important to note that we are currently in the first phase of this project – the Information Phase.
Our next step in the Information Phase is receiving Trinity Centres Foundation Report and Findings.  Dave Harder of TCF will be presenting the report findings to the congregation on Sunday, November 12th, during Worship.  Dave will join us via Zoom and walk us through the report.
Dave’s presentation will take about 30 minutes, with a time for questions after the presentation.  Paper will also be provided to those attending in person to record any follow-up questions.  Those on Zoom can place their questions in the chat.  Questions will be forwarded to the Re-Imagining Task Force for response.
The Re-Imagining Task Force is receiving the report on November 8th; we are sharing it with the congregation as soon as possible thereafter (4 days later).
To support working through the findings and options for Collier’s Re-Imagining, we will then move into the Discussion Phase.  The Re-Imagining Task Force will be hosting small group discussions at various dates and times throughout November, December, January and February.  There are 15 sessions scheduled – the first of these dates are:
Monday, November 13 at 10 am (the day following the presentation to the congregation)
Tuesday, November 21 at 7 pm
Thursday, November 30 at 4 pm
Saturday, December 2 at 11 am
Sunday, December 3 after worship
Please plan on attending one, two or any number of these discussion sessions so we can share, listen to each other, and discern the Re-Imagining process, what it means for Collier, and how we can support each other as we work through the project.
To confirm – the presentation on November 12 is for Information – we will then move forward into the Discussion phase, with the small group discussions. 
The final phase is Decision – our Decision on Collier’s Re-Imagining is planned to take place at the Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled on Sunday, February 25th.  The AGM is 3 ½ months from now so there is lots of time ahead of us to have discussion, clarify any information, and fully understand the options. 
Should you have any questions, please reach out to Hewitt, Laurie Crosson or Lianne Patterson or email your question to [email protected] .  
We are excited about Collier’s Re-Imagining and what it can mean for Collier and for our community!  Let’s stay connected as we work through this project together!