Re-Imagine Collier

Our Re-Imagining is important work in the life of Collier and our community so expect to see regular communication highlighting what is currently happening as we progress through our Re-Imagining process. 

Neighbourhood listening is an exercise in getting outside of our church building and looking around with new eyes.  This is about seeing the people in our neighbourhood – both the seen and the unseen, and reflecting on your experience.  As we consider our Re-Imagining, we want to look beyond our church walls and engage with the community.

We have a dedicated Re-Imagining bulletin board located on the main floor at CSUC, across from the reception desk under the stairs.  This will be the place for you to find resources and information on our Re-Imagining process, including:
  • Information from our Hope & Inspiration session with Kendra Fry of Trinity Centres Foundation [TCF] held April 23rd.
  • A paper copy of the TCF report from our Congregational Listening session with Dave Harder held June 11th (also available here on our website).
  • A place where you can share your input to our Re-Imagining Process.

Phase 1 -
Hope and Inspiration

Phase 2 -
Congregational Listening Workshop

Phase 3 –
Neighbourhood Mapping Workshop