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Our Ministerial Staff

Minister - Worship, Congregational Care & Leadership

Hewitt T. Holmes is the minister of Worship, Congregational Care, and Leadership at Collier Street United, Barrie, Ont. Hewitt is the first Black minister of Collier. He has served the congregation since 2017 in two roles.
Hewitt’s experience in ministry is bolstered by his time in Dryden and Thunder Bay congregations in Northwestern Ontario. While in Jamaica, he served as a school teacher, chaplain, congregational minister, and academic support. He was the program associate at the International University of the Caribbean, Faculty of Theology.
His passion for social justice has led him to serve various bodies and task forces, including the Programs for Ministry and Mission, GC 43&44 Facilitation Teams, and the Board of Vocation of the United Church of Canada. His deep vision is for an intercultural theology that enables this migrant world to flourish in the fullness of life.
He is people-oriented, purposefully, and passionately driven by God's love for the world. Hewitt relishes teamwork. He enjoys a good “bellyful” laugh, contemplative prayer, liberating worship, reading, canoeing, cooking, and relaxing. He thrives in spiritual and social connections.

Music Director

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Office Administrator

Vickie McMillan

Vickie McMillian has been with Collier United since 2012. Originally from Sault Ste. Marie but a Barrie resident for 15 years. She is Married to Scott since 1992 and the proud mom of two boys: Liam and Ethan and two fur babies: Cody and Mauer, who you may have seen at the end of the video services. She is a proud member of the Lions Club of Barrie. She Loves to bake, read and hangout with the family. Baseball vacations are her favorite and she has been to 15 of the 30 baseball stadiums. Malibu, California is her favorite vacation spot where she hopes to have a home someday. She loves to help at the church whether its baking or bartending, weddings, and other events.She loves the Collier family.


Wayne Cameron

In the quiet corners of our sacred space, a guardian tirelessly works, ensuring that our church stands not just as a place of worship, but as a haven of cleanliness, tranquility, and reverence. His efforts transform our place of worship into a haven of serenity, a canvas upon which our spiritual connections can thrive. Our church custodian, a beacon of dedication and humility, stands as a steadfast presence, embodying the true spirit of service and commitment.He shapes the very atmosphere of our church. Each gleaming surface, each thoughtfully arranged pew, and every polished window pane speaks of his devotion to his craft. He understands that his work is not just about removing dirt, but about creating an environment that fosters reverence, introspection, and a sense of belonging for all who enter. Additionally, he compliments our creative values with his fantastic art displayed on our walls.