Children Programs - Collier's kids

Our mission with Children and Youth is to provide a safe and sacred place to learn about God and grow in likeness to Jesus. This mission is reflected in all the various programs we offer throughout the year.  This mission happens daily as we love and care for all of Collier’s Kids.


Young adults & adult programs

The life journey of everyone is very important.  Whether young adult or adult ministries.  There is a place for you to learn, love, live and grow together.  

Community groups

The mission of Collier is be centred with God, in Barrie on You!  With this in mind, Collier strives to be a place that includes everyone as we connect, create, love, hope, and be transformed.  The Community programs help Collier to realize its missional goal of building a better and more beautiful world for everyone.

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other programs

One of the marks of our Christian witness is to Care for others.  We do so by sharing what we have to make others experience life in all its fullness.  Our witness endeavors to be life-giving.